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Tipper's Green

A bio, eh? Well, since this LJ is really about fanfiction, putting down what I put on my CV probably won't work ("proficient in French, enjoys hiking, rock climbing and writing"), or what I put down on one of those internet dating pages the other day ("easy-going, tall, likes to argue, can geek-out about the law"), so we'll try something more fanfic related...

Been writing fanfiction for a long time, not as long as original fiction, but I've never in my life finished anything original that I started so...fanfiction is pretty much it. Currently, I'm between fandoms, waiting for the next bug to hit, but I've loved SGA, and, before that, I was long addicted to Mag7, mainly to Ezra. I also wrote a couple of NCIS fics and one terrible A-Team fic. :) I do read some fanfic, but nowhere near as much as I write. I tend to stick with the people I know and love, because of lack of time. Um...

I also love reading about the "rise" of fanfiction in the media as a genre that's becoming increasingly mainstream. I really can't wait to see how far it can go.